is this the beginning of it all, again?
23-25 May 2013
Gessnerallee Zurich

Recently, I was asked: „Do you plan to do this piece for the rest of your life?“ (Simone Truong)

«is this the beginning of it all, again?» is a remake of Truong’s last piece «have you seen the horizon lately?».

An existing piece is challenged. Since we never start at the beginning we could simply build on the same thing. What happens when we confront ourselves with the same thing over and over? Asking questions and following up again and again bring vulnerability to light – in terms of the material of the piece as well as of Truong herself.

The elements are the same as in the last version: an empty stage, a white light built of spectral colours, three record players with three performers, three dance phrases. The material of this evening is made available to the spectator right from the start, all the tools are on the table. No secret, no questions. Everything is already there.

Random movement elements develop into composition and are repeated. At a certain point that material takes on a life of its own and starts acting up with the audience: what was clear a moment ago seems confusing after a while, what seemed random can be understood and actually makes sense. Space, dance, music and the audience are all in the same boat and ask each other: who or what is part of the production of meaning?

Concept and choreography Simone Truong By and with Kilian Haselbeck, Eilit Marom, Simone Truong Dramaturgy Lucie Tuma Music Thom Luz Light Christa Wenger Costum Karin Anna Biedert Production Sarah Marinucci Internship Aida Guirro Salinas Thanks to Fai Baba, Cesar Harada, Catja Loepfe, Adina Secretan

Co-production Gessnerallee Zürich Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, SOkultur, Lotteriefonds Kanton Solothurn, Migros-Kulturprozent, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Fondation Néstlé pour l'Art, Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung, Georges und Jenny Bloch Stiftung

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